Women in the Bible


What do you do when you find yourself a pawn used and reused by powerful men who are normally expected to protect you?

This is the story of MICHAL – a Princess, born into royalty, married into royalty, but between a powerful father and a vengeful hubby, she became nothing more than pawn in their cruel game of chess.

One Cruel Game of Chess: Between King Saul and King David, a Fearless Girl was messed up. Her name was Michal …

Today, being bold for change, I will be reflecting on the life and times of Princess Michal, the daughter of the first King of Israel, as written in the Holy Scriptures.

Michal was youngest of King Saul’s 2 daughters; Jonathan being the first of the 5 children of Saul, and the Heir to the throne; while Michal was the baby of the family, a royal princess.

She fell in love with a guy who happened to be his father’s arch enemy. David. She was used as a bait to plot David’s death. Her father used the word “bait”. What kind of man used his own daughter as a bait? Her bride price was, wait for it…, 200 foreskins of Philistine guys; which meant David had to kill at least 200 men before he could yank off their foreskins so he could marry her. (The bizarre bride-price was 100 foreskins, but David gave 100 extra!)

She was faced with the impossible situation of choosing between her father and the love of her life. She chose love. Father gave her out reluctantly to David. Years later, her father the King took her back forcefully. And gave her to some random man – whether she liked or despised him, we don’t know.

Actually, truth be told, David abandoned her. And he never came back for her. One day, she woke up and realized her husband David was gone. Forever. So, the King Saul had to annul the Marriage and gave her to Palti – a good guy who probably cared for her, and with whom she could live a “normal” life, although for whatever reason, she was unable to have kids.

Fourteen years later, David had became King, he came back to claim his long forgotten wife. He fought for his honor and claimed his first wife back. But this time, not necessarily because of love, but because of ego. He risked his life to marry her. He paid the ultimate price, He shed blood. She belonged to him, and she had no opinion about that. Besides, at this time he already had at least two wives! Michal would become the Queen, no doubt, being the original wife, but as a responsibility to her people, not necessarily for the love of the King.

Meanwhile, Michal’s life was already settled with her new husband, no more fugitive lifestyle she used to have with David, no more running around, no more lies and cover-up for David. She had settled to live a decent life as live as a Princess, with a husband who cared for her. David took all that from her. Michal refused to go back to David, her husband wept; but it was a political arrangement and she was forced to go back to David!!!

The new Queen Michal no longer loved David. She was no longer the happy girl who lied to protect David. In fact, she now despised David. She had grown into a bitter woman. She and David were strangers now. She now wondered why David would not behave appropriately like a King. Why was he worshiping God like a commoner?

Fourteen years later, and they no longer shared the same values. She now lived in a beautiful Palace but never really felt at home. The Bible referred to her at that stage as Ms Saul (daughter of Saul) and not as Mrs David (wife of David). The marriage was a sham. She openly despised David; At a point, she stood against David and spoke against how he worshiped God. David’s response showed the depth of the tension between them.  He too in turn despised her and her entire father’s house… The Dancing Before the Lord scenario has its spiritual connotations, because apparently, Michal did not share David’s faith. But we must not forget that they were having marital crises and that probably was the last straw that broke camel’s back!!


The last we heard of Michal in connection with her marriage was in 2Samuel 6:23. It dealt with her fertility; that she remained unable to have children until she died. Bible experts believed her infertility was primarily because she and David had intimacy issues – She became barren because David stopped any intimate relationship with her. She was without love or sexual happiness until her death. Her barrenness was not because God shut her womb, it was a judgment David meted on her.

The End. It was a tragedy, a story of love that went very wrong!! King David wasn’t everyone’s hero. He definitely wasn’t Michal’s hero 😦

Actually the last we heard about Michal was NOT her barrenness. The last we heard of Michal was that she had 5 children whom she raised as hers. 2Samuel 21:8. They were the 5 sons of her sister Merab whom she adopted after her sister’s death.

The story of Michal may not be the happily ever after, but I believe Michal left a very important message to the 21st century woman, a message hidden in her name:

Meaning of Michal: More than that | More than surface value | variant Michael – who is Like Unto God?




More reflection on the twisted love story between David and Micha …

I don’t think Michal was much of the bad girl. David was the bad boy! He abandoned his wife and never came back for her. For over a decade. For 14 good years.

They got married when Michal was young and stupid. What was a Princess doing with that kind of guy. A fugitive? A man of the field??

Fine, David was young and handsome and charming, he had an athletic build, had musical skills, could use fine weapons like slings, and now popular after killing Goliath. But those were all wrong premises to build a lasting relationship upon!! She was just being stupid.

She loved David and became his wife. Even saved David’s life by deceiving her father. But that was several years ago.

But later she grew up fast after Prince Charming abandoned her. For fourteen years. She realized she fell in love with the wrong guy.

After her father King Saul annulled her marriage, she found love. Maybe not the whirlwind romance she had with David, but it was practical and peaceful. And when she was settling down, all that was snatched from her again, by this same David!!

She moved from being the only wife of one man to being one of the women of David which included Big Aunty Abigail, Nabal’s widow (even though she Michal was The Queen now). She didn’t share David’s taste and didn’t share David’s faith or regard for God. So she openly despised David! Sadly, bitterness is never in the interest of its owner…

Bitterness Quo


  1. How did Saul knew Michal loved David? He did not assume. Michal went public with her feeling for David. Saul’s bodyguards told him. And Saul was so excited that it happened naturally.
  2. Michal loved David, and just like Jonathan, she also knew their Father has Pathological Hatred for David. BOTH siblings repeatedly FOOLED their Father to protect David. And they both told BRAZEN LIES to cool down their father’s anger.
  3. The incidents that took David away from them was unpredictable. After Michal helped David escape from the fire exit, David ran away, but he and Jonathan met somewhere. Jonathan decided to use his role as the Crown Prince to talk to his father at a formal occasion. That was the day he realized his father was hell bent on killing his friend and that was the day David left for good, without even stopping by to say goodbye his wife.
  4. With David’s disappearance with no possibility of return, unsure maybe he’s dead or alive, the King gave out his daughter to a good man, thereby annulling the previous marriage (probably based on abandonment). So it wasn’t a matter of waning love but of disappeared spouse.
  5. David came back after a minimum of 14 years. Not to resume relationship but to claim the woman he married with BLOOD. By then he was already king in Hebron where he reigned for the first 7 years. With the death of king Saul and Crowd Prince Jonathan, Shui – another son of Saul became the King of Israel. So to avoid a civil war, Shui has given his sister Michal back to the ex-husband.
  6. Michal’s return to David was not a question of love. David came with his Army to take her. It was either her or war. So Michal did not have a choice here, love or no love. Her husband too was powerless in this matter. He wept for his wife, until the Chief of Army Staff Abner rudely commanded him to go back.
  7. It’s possible that the prospect of becoming the Queen was also a motivation.
  8. David married a few Royal Princesses. Prominent were Michal and the mother of Absalom. And you can see Michal’s trend in Absalom too. You know, the Royalty have their way if doing things and David was not really compliant. And in that Dancing Before The Ark incident, David pulled out his royal garments and was dancing exposed. The face-off between the Royal Couple revealed deep seated resentment, in fact, Michal was referred to as Saul’s daughter rather than David’s wife.
  9. Michael’s infertility.  Kings were powerful those days and even as a Queen you can not just appear uninvited. Possibilities are that Michal had fertility problems as she never had children in any of her ‘3’ marriages. It’s also possible that her infertility was a result of lack of subsequent sexual intimacy.


Further information about Michal may be seen in the Holy Bible, 1 Samuel



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