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What do we know about the people we read about in the Bible?

Well, maybe we know some of their names, sometimes part of their stories, their heroic acts, their strengths, their failures, their genealogies, their legacies, etcetera. We think about them with a 20-20 hindsight vision, like we could have done better. Or like they were so disadvantaged – like, what’s a world without electricity? How did they survive without cars? Bath tubs? And especially without the internet?

Largely, we really know very little about the “Bible People”. For starters, what did they look like? Yes, some of what we know about them are just in our imagination, projecting our current realities unto theirs.

Many times, I believe, we view the Bible from a spiritual point of view and we forget that these were real people, who lived on this same planet earth and who graciously shared their stories with us (by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit). The Bible is full of dotted lines, and many tiny puzzles which join together and we realize that everything is connected.

Real Bible People aims to catalog these individuals, groups and places found in the Bible in a practical and relevant manner, remind us of the forgotten heroes, and teach us timeless lessons while enjoying every bit of it.

So, welcome to Real Bible People. Please remember to like and comment and don’t forget to recommend it to friends and families.

Yours in Christ (and story telling)

Kemi D.


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